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The Decisions We Make Are Only As Good as Our Sources of Information

The Age of War and Blind Obedience to Desecrated Information Sources

If You Could Travel Back in Time, Every Intelligent Investor Among Us Would Have Bought The Below Asset in 2018

A Quick Follow-Up to the 45m Friday Investment Opportunity Podcast

A Potentially Lucrative Investment Opportunity Created by the Federal Reserve this Past Wednesday

What to Expect From Today's US Fed Funds Interest Rate Decision

The Realities of Runaway US Debt

The Politicization of Gold and BTC Prices

The Politicization of Asset Price Behavior

Buying Opinions for Four New Assets, 29 November 2023

Why the Differences in Shanghai and NY/London Gold and Silver Prices Matter in the Real World

Buy Opinion for a New Asset, 29 November 2023

How Can The East West Gold/Silver Arbitrage Be Leveraged?

The Shiny Facade of BTC

The Parallels of What Lurks Beneath the Shiny Façade of Both Bitcoin and the Fastest Growing Playground for the Uber Rich Today, Dubai

The Great Demolition of Morals, Intellect and Wisdom, Part IV

The Great Demolition of Morals, Intellect and Wisdom, Part III

The Great Demolition of Morals, Intellect and Wisdom, Part II

The Great Demolition of Morality, Intellect and Wisdom, Part I

Big Trouble Ahead for US Based Mining Companies?

Promised Podcast Now Published

How the Evolution of Propaganda is Designed to Keep Us Deaf, Dumb and Blind

If You Don’t Understand This, You Will Find It Impossible to Build Wealth Consistently

The Greatest Argument Against All Pro-War Voices

The Most Important Gold Chart in the World Right Now

How Current Global Wars Directly Influence the Establishment of Gold Prices in New York and London

Assets You Must Own to Counter the Ruling Class's Coming Economic Apocalypse

Issuing a Buy Opinion for a New Asset, 10 October 2023

Issuing a Buy Opinion on a New Asset Today, 9 October 2023

Necessary Measures to Survive the Ruling Class's Economic Apocalypse

How Determination of Energy Sector Bottoms Can Be Used to Assess Gold/Silver Sector Bottoms

What Has Been the Impact of the Latest Take Down in Gold and Silver Prices in the East?

A Surefire Way to Earn 20% or More Per Year Moving Forward

The Aftermath

We Have Now Realized Profits on 3 Stocks in My Open Portfolio of +31.55%, 52.00%, 58.32% and Raising Exit Strategy on Fourth Stock to Guarantee 50.71% Realized Profits

What to Expect From Today's US Central Banker Interest Rate Decision

The Continually Widening Gap Between Shanghai Benchmark and London/New York Benchmark Gold/Silver Prices

Raising Exit Strategies for Four Stocks in My Open Portfolio to Now Guarantee Profits of +31.55%, 52.00%, 58.32%, and 45.97% on This Round

Issuing a Buy Opinion on a New Asset Today

Raising My Exit Strategies on Four Stocks in My Open Substack Portfolio to Guarantee Minimum Realized Profits on This Round of +25.32%, +38.10%, +36.49% and +49.93%

It is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When...

President Xi Declares "No More Double Agents" in the BRICS Alliance

New Higher Exit Prices for Three of Our Open Positions

Critical Differences Between Get Rich Quick Scams and Legitimate Build Wealth Fast Investment Strategies

New Much Higher Exit Price Strategies for Many of the Open Stocks in My Portfolio

Fortune, Success and Masculinity

US Junk Bond Yields Preparing to Soar

New Exit Strategies for Our Open Energy Stocks, and More

The Positives/Negatives of Investing in Chinese Gold Mining Stocks

Resource Price Floors Coming Instead of Capped Ceilings?

What You Absolutely Need to Know Before the BRICS Summit on 22-24 August this Week

What Now for BTC Prices?

Indisputable Proof of the Massive Misalignment Between Western PM Mining Share Prices and Reality

J. Kim Discusses Gold, Silver, BTC and More with Gerald Celente

Unlocked from the Vaults

Must Read Financial Analysis for Some of Our Open Positions in Stocks

Execute the Pushback

The Primary Threat of Artificial Intelligence is Right Now

Another Buy Opinion

The Updated skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio

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How My Investment Strategies Are Heavily Reliant on Mathematics

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Buy Opinion

“Even Why I Try to Be Wrong in My BTC Price Predictions, I’m Right”

What You Need to Understand About Last Week's Price Slam of PM Mining Stocks

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What Generation is Curbstomping Gold and Silver Prices the Most?

Another Buy Opinion

One More Buy Opinion

More Buy Opinions

More Buy Opinions

Without Understanding this Critical Data About Global Gold/Silver Markets, It is Highly Unlikely You Will Understand How and Where to Invest Your Fiat Currencies Today

To Stack or Not to Stack? That is the Question

The South African BRICS Sherpa Said What?

How Long Before the USD Reaches its Intrinsic Value?

Another Re-Buy Opinion This Morning

A Re-Buy Opinion This Morning

The Essential skwealthacademy Substack Reading List

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part VIII

Executed Exit Strategies This Morning

Only a Great Awakening Can Counter the Ruling Class's Great Reset

The Updated 2023 Open skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio: A Big Opportunity Exists Right Now for Those That Have Not Yet Subscribed

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Two Stock Buy (back) Opinions

In Investing, It’s ALL About Market Timing

Fail to Heed this Warning, and Your Savings Will Be Wiped Out

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A New Non-NATO Gold-Backed Currency is Coming

The Epilogue: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

Conclusion: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

Compelling Evidence BTC is a Banker Psyop

Answers to My Q&A Investment Session

In Honor of Independence Day...

Why a Full Blown World War With Massive Casualties May Be Inevitable, Part II

Why a Full Blown World War With Massive Casualties May Be Inevitable, Part I

A Day of Giving

The Truth About the Current Gold/Silver Narrative

Why it is Impossible for Truth to Thrive Today

The Truth About Next Generation Nuclear Energy, Part IV

Your Assistance is Requested in Countering the Banker War Against Silver Prices

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part VII

Are You Getting Your Information From Cowards and Liars?

They Were Wrong About Gold Being a "Dead Asset" Back Then. Here is Why They're Dead Wrong Again Today

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A Closer Look

Issuing a Buy Opinion for the Second Stock Now

Buy Opinions for Two More Stocks

Here's How to Ask Me a Question That Will Receive an Answer

The Truth About Nuclear Energy, P.III

Understand This and You Will Understand the Enormous Investment Opportunity I Am Discussing in My Current Nuclear Energy Series

A Quick Tool To Enable You to Decipher the Propaganda Behind the "Strong" US Dollar Narrative

The Truth About Nuclear Energy PII: The Perception Problem of Nuclear Energy Safety

Here Are the Most Realistic Price Ranges for BTC for the Rest of this Month and July

Make Sure You Watch This Video if You're a Precious Metals Investor

The Updated Open skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio, June 2023

The Dangerous Lies of the Ruling Class Regarding Nuclear Energy, Part I

Ruling Class Policies: How to ALWAYS Understand the Desired Outcomes of Their Policies

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part VI

Deleted Last Post

Which Way Will Bitcoin Prices Head Now?

Instructions For How to Best Use the Buy/Sell Opinions I Offer on All Assets Here

Another Buy Opinion

Another Buy Opinion

Buy Opinion for Another Asset

Haters and Discipline

Buy Opinion for Another Asset

Gold: How Central Bankers Falsely Alter the Perception of Precious Metals

THE CONCLUSION: Permanently Shutting the Door on Anti-Gold Propaganda

The Conclusion: the Undisclosed Secrets of the Global De-Dollarization Process

NEW Buy Opinions

The Untold Truth About Global De-Dollarization

Closing the Door Permanently on the "Gold is Not an Inflation Hedge" Disinformation, Part II

One More Buy Opinion

More Buy Opinions

Another BUY Opinion

Buy Opinion for Another Stock

Buy Opinions for Some Stocks

Closing the Case Forever on the Propaganda that “Gold is Not an Inflation Hedge”, Part I

Updated Exit Strategies for Our Open Stocks

Here's Why Following Famous Analysts Will Lead You Down the Path of Wrong Street Nearly 100% of the Time

The Updated 2023 Open Skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio

The Age of Restriction: Why Our Global Currency System is Bad for Everyone Except the 0.0003186%

Quick Important Correction

New Buy Opinion for a Stock I've Been Following For Quite Some Time

New Buy Opinion

New Buy Opinions

New Buy Opinions

The Blueprint for a Better Life

Our Frightening New Reality: The majority of what people believe the majority of the time is the exact opposite of what is necessary to build a better quality of life

New Buy Opinion for One More Stock

New Buy Opinion for Another Stock

Issuing One Buy Opinion Now

New Buy Opinions Likely Coming after Market Open Today

Get Ready for an Avalanche of Horrible Online Investment Content Thanks to ChatGPT

In Need of a One Week Hiatus

Who Controls the Gold Price?

How to Become a Master at the Hardest Part of Consistently Making Money

We Locked in Profits on a Number of Stocks in Our Open Portfolio Today

How to Excel at Everything You Do

The 2023 Open Substack Portfolio

Self Defense 101: The Jedi Mind Trick

Once Again, Updating Exit Strategies for Two Stocks in My Open Substack Portfolio

Comedy Gold: Everything Detestable About Mass Media Journalism, Encapsulated in One Interview!

A Deep Dive Into Why I Was Wrong

Updated Exit Strategies

JP Morgan Says "Buy in May and Go Away"?

The Perception Problem in Building Wealth

Sell Opinions for the Morning of 10 April

How the Ruling Class's Misappropriation of Language is Changing Our Beliefs About Everything, Part II

How the Ruling Class's Misappropriation of Language is Changing Our Beliefs About Everything

A Lengthy Article Coming Tomorrow

The Substack Gold Standard, My Patreon Stock Performance and More

Understanding Who to Trust in Finance (and More) is Paramount to the Quality of Life You Will Lead

How the Ruling Class Hacked Our Behavior

Sell Opinion

The One Item That Serves as a Far Better Guarantee Than a Bank or Government Guarantee of Your Bank Deposits

The End of Western Civilization, Part V

The Reason Behind Gold & Silver's Price Smash Today (PM Price Manipulation Explained)

A New Buy Opinion

A Sneak Peek at My Articles

An Inconvenient Life is the Key to Ensuring Your Financial Life

The Explosive Growth of this Market Foretells a Growing Crisis for US Banks

Bitcoin Soars on Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The NEXT CHAPTER of the Silicon Valley Bank Fiasco

The Open 2023 skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio

More Buy Opinions

New Buy Opinions

The Very Thin Line Between FTX and Big Banks

Facts the Shanghai Gold Exchange Reveal About Gold and Silver You Need to Know

Updated BTC Price Prediction, 9 March 2023

What AI Gets Wrong About the Silver Narrative

The Risk of Holding These Four Assets Will Skyrocket in 2023

Gold and Silver to Face Strong Headwinds the Remainder of this Week

Was Porn Responsible for Gold and Silver's Late Day Price Surge Yesterday?

Why Conflict Currencies are Far WORSE Than Conflict Diamonds

The Ideological Subversion of a Nation: From Doves to Hawks in a Single Generation

EXPOSED: Covid Revealed the Real Global Pandemics, Far More Dangerous Than the Virus, Part II

EXPOSED: Covid Revealed the Real Global Pandemics Far More Dangerous Than the Virus

Self Defense 101, Part III

A Quick Public Service Announcement

More Buy Opinions

What Are US Corporate Junk Bonds Telling Us?

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Update to My Open Substack Portfolio

The Important Role Gold Backed Stablecoins May Play in the Escalating MIB War Against Russia

Part III: NATO's Ticking Time Bomb

Self-Defense 101: What Not to Do in a Street Fight, the Power of the Sidestep

Prepare Now for the Most Disruptive Catastrophe of Our Lifetime

Important Bonus Post About Gold/Silver Price Direction for Remainder of Week

The Rise of Disaster Fascism: The Norfolk Southern Railway Disaster, Big Pharma Driven Covid Lies, and Massive Turkish Building Code Violations

A Deeper Dive into Московский Мировой Стандарт, BTC and the Management Perception Game

J. Kim's Updated BTC Price Prediction

Flash Sale for 24-Hours Only on all Subscription Memberships, LAST HOUR

The Open 2023 skwealthacademy Substack Portfolio Has Been Updated

Understand How to Protect Yourself in an Increasingly Criminal World

New Buy Opinion

Part II: Implications of the the Proposed Московский Мировой Стандарт (Moscow World Standard)

How to Avoid Being Scammed By the Increasing Number of Counterfeit Gold and Silver Scams

Why NATO Perceives the MWS (Московский Мировой Стандарт) as the Greatest Threat of Our Lifetime

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part IV

New Buy Opinion

The Future of Humanity Lies in the Balance

You Asked for It. You Have It

The Jerome Powell Minstrel Show

Temporarily Immediately Removing an Exit Strategy for this Specific Stock in our Open Portfolio Now

AI or Not? Here's How to Spot Unoriginal AI Created Content (Kind of...)

I DARED to Challenge the #AMCApes and This is What Happened

Subscription Prices Increase in 4 Hours! Join skwealthacademy Readers in 85 Nations Around the World Now

The Curious Things ChatGPT Believes About Gold

The Open 2023 J.Kim Substack Portfolio

The Blame Generation

Welcome to the Intellectual Dark Ages

The REAL REASON Why Senior Portfolio Managers Never Consistently Earn Their Clients Money

Not Buying the S&P500 “Breakout”

Why a Return to Sound Money Would End All Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part 3.5

Six Principles For a Happy and Meaningful Life

What is Neurogenesis and Why Should I Care?

To All the BTC Analysts Launching New BTC Price Predictions to the Moon, Slow Your Roll

The Immediate, Astounding Advancements that Sound Money Would Kick-Start in the Creation of a More Humane World for All

2023: The Year of Hard Work

The Single Best and Most Effective Singular Solution to Solve the World’s Greatest Problems

The Multiple Critical Thinking Failures of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Exposed by Someone that Worked in Health Care and Ran Pediatric Immunization Campaigns

How Healthy Skepticism Creates Superior Investment Results

Open Thread for Members Only, 11/01/23

Divested of a Position Today

The Greatest Financial Hoax

Additional Exit Strategies Provided for Our Open Portfolio

Working on an Important Article to be Released Tomorrow

The Most Important Message You Will Hear in 2023

New Exit Strategies Added

New Buy Opinion Issued

My Updated BTC Price Forecast for the Start of 2023

The skwealthacademy Portfolio Would Have Ranked as the 4th Best Performing Hedge Fund in the World in 2022

For Those That Didn't Receive This Morning's Article: Rebel! Part II

Rebel! Though the Great Reset Aims to Strip Us of Purpose, Let Us Bind Together to Create a Better Life

A Brief Commentary of My Buy Opinion Released Today

Rebel! The Richest 1% of the World Has Deemed Your Life Purpose to Maximize Your Utility to Them. It’s Not.

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How to Continue Making Money in Likely Difficult Markets in 2023: The Conclusion

How to Continue Making Money in Another Likely Down Year for Markets, Part I

First Update of the New Year

skwealthacademy CEO J. Kim's Top 9 Trends for 2023

skwealthacademy Gold Standard Now in Effect in 2023