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If You Don’t Understand This, You Will Find It Impossible to Build Wealth Consistently


EDITOR’S UPDATE: 28 October 2023

I’ve now uploaded for Mr. Kim, the podcast he wanted to accompany this article. Below, please find the shownotes he wanted to accompany the now published podcast.

Link to Whitney Webb’s website, an invaluable source of information to understand the depths of our current Propaganda War

One Nation Under Blackmail, by Whitney Webb, Hardback edition, Kindle edition

For his patrons, since he uploaded a similar podcast to the above on his patreon platform, you may skip to the 9m30s of the above to listen to information that is new. At a minimum, ensure you watch the compilation of video clips at the 11m06s mark.


The biggest hindrance to any investor successfully building wealth consistently at a  far greater return than 8% annually, which is a yield that is near impossible to build wealth unless one starts with great wealth, is understanding the sophisticated techniques of disinformation deployed by Central Bankers today in the world of finance and money. If you do not know what I am about to tell you, I guarantee that you will fail to build wealth over the course of your lifetime. I provide a specific example of this in the finance world in the above podcast and provide multiple more examples in the below article. Because a failure to understand everything about which I speak in this article will ensure your financial death when we enter the second phase of the 2008 global financial crisis that was delayed for three years by Covid lockdowns (with the Fed’s emergency interest rate cut to 0% in March 2020) but is now being engineered, ensure you listen to the above podcast and read the rest of this lengthy article in its entirety.

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Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
John Kim