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The Great Demolition of Morals, Intellect and Wisdom, Part III


To begin, I encourage all of you to save the above podcast for viewing after reading the Part III of this article series, as it is meant to be viewed after reading all three parts. Part III was actually beyond the maximum length of articles allowed on Substack so I’ve had to chop it up into Part III and Part IV, but I think you will extract what I wish from my above podacst if you refrain from viewing it until the end of Part III. Now let’s get started

The Ruling Class’s Aggressive Advocacy of Transhumanism is a Push For Us To Be Less Human Toward One Another

Though we all have differing and often divergent opinions about religion, there is a reason why all hard line communist regimes in the past unilaterally eliminated all religious freedom within their nations as a necessary component to achieve absolute control over its people. For the same reason, hard line Communist regimes always have eliminated all political parties except for the Communist party that rules the nation. To gain absolute control of people, an open exchange of ideas can never be allowed. Whether or not you believe that there is a link between secularism and the ability of the Ruling Class to control us, history tells us this is the purpose of secularism and their aggressive push into transhumanism.

In fact, a former Google engineer, Anthony Levandowski, once started his own church with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) godhead and he advocated for the government to record the names of all people that refused to worship his AI godhead for later punishment. Though Levandowski had received an 18-month prison sentence for criminal activities he had engaged in outside of his AI church, it’s unfortunate that then US President Donald Trump pardoned Levandowski’s prison sentence before leaving office in the time-honored US Presidential ritual of pardoning the sentences of dozens of wealthy crooks before leaving office. Levandowski was exactly the type of creepy person that needed to spend time in prison for his crimes and the fact that Donald Trump pardoned him once again proves the rotten nature of the boy’s club that exists at the top of the wealth pyramid.

The Ruling Class knows that the more Jay Zs and Beyonces they can produce, devoted to self-worship and the narcissistic “do what thou wilt” motto,  the more they can eliminate the devoutly religious most likely to push back against their sinister plans, and the greater their ability will grow to control us.  The Ruling Class’s devotion to the rise of transhumanism and secularism has, as its end goal, to strip us of our will and defiance while simultaneously increasing our pliability to their immoral mandates.

The Inverted Pyramid of Intellect and Wisdom (And How the Ruling Class Has Poisoned Many of Our Essential Beliefs)

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Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
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