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Assets You Must Own to Counter the Ruling Class's Coming Economic Apocalypse


In Part One here, I discussed how building an extended family on whom you can unconditionally rely, in life and death situations, is an absolute must to prepare for the economic implosion that is coming in the next few years, meticulously planned and executed by Central Bankers and their Ruling Class cronies.

Today, I discuss why no one, and I do mean not one person, should ever rely on their government for help in any dire economic situation. Instead, as I stressed in Part One, build your own community on whom to rely. Governments and Statesmen around the world have not only repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be completely incapable of telling the truth but they also have proven themselves incapable of returning any assistance of high utility to their citizens even though they levy enormous amounts of taxes upon us (at least in the US regarding the latter part of this critique). Thus, any strategy of government dependence will near guarantee death instead of survival during any dire economic circumstances that arise in the coming years.

I open the above podcast with a montage about how billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and others have continued the foreign tradition of stealing land from native Hawaiians, ever since 13 foreigners and Americans stole the kingdom of Hawaii by force in a coup d'état against Queen Liliʻuokalani on January 17, 1893. The montage continues with a further example of how the federal government left behind survivors of the devastating Lahaina fire on the island of Maui, Hawaii and only threw crumbs of a shameful $700 per family to Hawaiians that lost their homes in recent wildfires. This despite, their diehard commitment to more death, destruction and obscene war profiteering by the richest people on planet Earth by approving more than $130B of aid to Ukraine. Though it would only take a few billion to completely rebuild all the homes destroyed in the Lahaina wildfires, when it comes to actually using US taxpayer money to serve the people instead of feeding the war animal, the government never has any money.

Furthermore, allow me to discuss the type of assets we all need to own to guarantee survival when the Ruling Class accelerates their plan of global economic destruction in their mission to transfer the entire global cumulative wealth to themselves so they create a situations, as the World Economic Forum stated, whereby “You own nothing and be happy”. I know that some have certainly heard of that slogan and believed it to be a joke, but it is important that you understand the type of people we are facing. This is the actual desire of the Ruling Class.

In the past, the Ruling Class were more subtle about their disdain for us but now they are proudly open of it as they are willing to publicly state such evil objectives and they possess no shame or embarrassment about letting everyone know they hold all of us in great disdain and contemptuous hatred.  Though I always will say, until the day I die, that none of us should ever mirror their hatred and allow hatred to fill our souls, it still is essential to understand the true nature of these people to avoid being blindsided when they execute their next devastating stage of the economic crisis that they initiated in 2008. Also be aware that the Ruling Class includes many State leaders such as Prime Ministers and Presidents, including the most beloved State leaders in recent times.

To understand this nature, I provide a brief fable below that is believed to have originated either in India or Russia.

The Scorpion and the Frog

A frog was hopping along the shore of a river looking for a place to cross. He came upon a scorpion sitting on the shore. “Hello, friend frog,” said the scorpion. “It appears you are looking to cross the river. I too want to cross. Would you mind carrying me?”

The frog was taken aback. “Why, if I let you on my back to cross the river, you’d sting me and I would die. I don’t think I’ll do that.”

The scorpion immediately replied, “There is no logic to your concern. If I sting you and you die, I will surely die as well, since I can’t swim. I wouldn’t need a ride if I could swim.”

The frog thought a moment and then said, “Your logic makes sense. Why would you kill me if it would result in your death? Come along and climb on my back and we’ll cross this river.”

The scorpion climbed on the frog’s back and off they went to cross the river. About halfway across the river, the scorpion raised its tail and stung the frog. The frog was both astounded and disconsolate. “Why did you sting me? Now I will die and you will surely drown and die also.”

The scorpion replied, “I can’t help it. It’s who I am. It’s in my nature.”

Interestingly, some have interpreted the scorpion’s nature to be akin to a social phenomenon that has always existed, but has perhaps risen to a peak today among not only among our politicians but also among billions of citizens worldwide – groupthink. Certainly, in issues of investing, I observe self-inflicted wounds by participation in groupthink behavior all the time. For example, investors that subscribe to my platform here or on Patreon that engage in groupthink always abandon my platform at the worst possible times, right before my vested, open assets boom in price, and they lock in losses and miss future big realized profits, even when I urge them not to divest. This just happened recently with a group of my open energy stock picks.

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