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How to Become a Master at the Hardest Part of Consistently Making Money

The 6 Rules I've Used to Achieve This in the Real World

Making Money is Hard, and This is the Hardest Part of Doing It

This article is a substack exclusive that you will find only here. Two elements go into making money. Making it in the first place, which due to the cryptocurrency mania of 2020 to the end of 2021, falsely skewed perception among many people of the difficulty of making money in the first place. The second element in making money involves keeping it after making it, which unfortunately, both the majority of cryptocurrency and stock investors fail to ever learn for the duration of their investment lives, repeatedly making and losing money time after time.

The reason keeping wealth after making it is much harder, in my opinion, is because of greed and poor free analysis that predominates on the internet that specifically and deliberately feeds the greed monster that exists in all investors that must be tamed for real wealth building to occur. So if you pay nothing for guidance about whether to hold or sell an asset, you should expect the guidance to be worth nothing, which for the aforementioned reason, it often is.

In relationships, if love is the element that prevents people from making rational decisions that everyone can see except the person that has been blinded by love, consider greed to be the element that blinds people to making rational decisions that others outside of the investment can spot from miles away.

Thus, how do we avoid being one of those investors that continuously makes money and loses it throughout one’s life and turns into the proverbial hamster running on the wheel, going nowhere fast? Today, I will give you a failsafe mechanism to do so. And I’m not speaking about theory but real world applicable strategies that you can apply right now to change the results (or lack thereof) that you may have experienced in your life up to this point when it comes to building wealth.

This real world applicable strategy is what enabled me to return an average of 69.5% on all 30 of my investment picks for my highest level patrons last year in 2022 and this year, thus far, for my highest level patrons, here are the yields produced by my strategies for precious metal assets we have closed out this year thus far: +25.02%, +41.39%, +33.25%, +28.72%, +13.01%, +1.47%, -0.10%, -4.22%, and one bad pick that per my exact buy and sell prices, we closed out at -29.66%. However, of the still open positions, they are all massively profitable and as of today, are sitting on +53.39%, +23.26%, +59.91%, +31.07%, +103.06%, +25.55%, and +27.57%.

Editor’s Note about the above yields: The above yields are for some stocks purchased at the end of last year but the yields above are only for stocks still held at the start of this year and then closed out at some point this year. As well, for some returns above, per J. Kim’s buy and sell instructions, some stocks were closed out at a profit or loss in the first round and then repurchased again and re-divested.

Per J. Kim’s instructions to reinvest total proceeds of the first round back into the same stocks, the above yields per J. Kim’s instructions represent compounded profits. For example, for the stock that is currently sitting on +103.06% yield today, J. Kim provided guidance earlier this year to divest of this stock on 27 Jan at a +28.10% profit. Then later this year, J. Kim provided guidance to repurchase this same stock again with all proceeds from its divestment on 27 Jan 2023. Currently, this same stock is still open and sitting on +58.52% profits. So the compounded profit on this stock right now for 2023 is  a whopping 103.06%.

For full disclosure, J.Kim has provided buy guidance for 8 more stocks in a different asset class, 7 of which are currently open and sitting on nominal losses right now. However, the stocks of this particular asset class, of which almost all are currently sitting on nominal losses as of today (not including one speculative stock in this class he has discussed that is near break-even), were the biggest winners last year that enabled J. Kim’s 30 stock picks to return an average of +69.5% yield each. J. Kim has informed me that he is still confident these stocks will increase in price tremendously and believes that outperformance of the above yields with the stocks that are currently in the red right now is very possible by the time this year concludes.

With my editor’s note out of the way, let’s now discuss exactly what makes it possible for me to provide such massive yields year after year on my patreon platform, because one year may be a fluke, but two years in a row cannot be a fluke. I will tell you what strategies must be taken to ensure big losses never disappear, as I have heard many a crypto and stock investor unfortunately do in recent years. Without further ado, here are some rules to ensure that never again will you turn massive gains you once had into tiny gains.

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Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
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