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Compelling Evidence BTC is a Banker Psyop


Even if you own zero BTC, I highly suggest reading the entire article below and listening to the 20-minute podcast above in its entirety. Why? Understanding banker executed psyops will be critical to your ability to retain and build wealth in the coming decade as nothing is ever what it seems to be as presented in the industry of finance and money. Thus, this article and podcast will be critical to your ability to avoid typical banker traps set to bankrupt you even if you own no BTC whatsoever.

In the world of finance, deception is so great and systemic that if you hold a belief held by the majority of your peers, the probability that the belief is wrong is near 100%. Very little truth ever sees the light of day in the world of money and finance, a theme of which I will explore more deeply in an article to be published next week. I have always maintained, though this point is lost on the majority of people, that the families that control the most powerful Central Banks in the world, namely the US Central Bank and the Bank of England, are master students of psychology. Their understanding of psychology led to one of their first psyops in gathering political approval for legislation that approved the formation of the US Central Bank in 1913 (just listen to the free preview, if you are a free subscriber, of the above podcast for a more detailed explanation of this psyop that turned the tide of sentiment from negative to positive to enable passage of the bill that established the US Federal Reserve). The concurrent psyop they ran was to deliberately and deceptively name their institution the US Federal Reserve instead of the US Central Bank as they knew that promoting the false belief the bank was owned by the US government and not by private families would strongly assist the passage of legislation that led to its creation.

The families that created the US Federal Reserve also refused to put Central in the name of their banking institution because they wished to deceive people that its power was “decentralized” and that the decentralization of power withing the US Federal Reserve would provide great benefit to the people to prevent future crashes of banks that could wipe out depositors’ savings. Of course this was wholly untrue and power was very much centralized within the Federal Reserve. Although these beliefs may seem farcical today to everyone reading this sentence, these widespread lies were believed by almost everyone in the early 1900s. Before the age of social media and instantaneous news enabled news to travel around the world in a few seconds, the obscenely wealthy families that owned Central Banks frequently used information psyops to build their wealth quickly with zero risk.

For example, they often sold all their stocks, deliberately spread false news about outcomes of wars to deliberately create stock market crashes in certain global stock markets, repurchased all the stocks they had just sold after their prices crashed, and then simply benefited from quick stock market recoveries that would materialize after news of the real outcome of wars finally reached the people.

In the end, whether my conclusion that BTC is just another banker pysop is true or not, traders can still make very strong profits by trading BTC’s wild price fluctuations as long as BTC still exists. After my mid-June BTC price prediction of a 19%+ run up in BTC price by the end of June that I issued on this platform came true, I’ve been asked to provide a BTC price prediction for this month in July. Just listen until the end of the above podcast to receive my BTC price prediction for this month.

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