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How My Investment Strategies Are Heavily Reliant on Mathematics


Above, I discuss how a former Blackrock fund manager has heavily relied on mathematical models to make conclusions about health trends that the Ruling Class is still dismissing today as correlative and not causal when he his knowledge of mathematics has led him to concluded zero doubt exists about causal, not correlative, relationships.

I discuss how I used these same mathematical models to determine beyond any doubt that regulatory bodies in America were allowing certain banking institutions to suppress the price of gold and silver, even as I exchanged communications with CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) board members that vehemently denied having any evidence (including the evidence I presented to them) of any downward price suppression shenanigans executed by bankers. Of course, now we all know that CFTC board members flat out lied in their denials to me, because multiple bankers from the biggest US banking institutions have since admitted under oath in court to manipulating the prices of gold and silver lower over many years.

In finance, the most important skill of an analyst is to be able to discern causal from correlative relationships in determination of asset price behavior. Recall for years, when mainstream financial media tried to convince us of direct causal relationships between droughts and floods and soaring food prices while always discounting the primary contributor to rising food prices, Central Banker policy? And I continue to stumble across online articles last week and this week regarding gold and silver asset price weakness as attributable to strengthening global economies and the lessening need to own assets considered to be “safe havens”. Even if these explanations were not flat out lies and they were true, being able to discern between correlative relationships and causal relationships will still be critical to making the right investment decisions. And this is where mathematics answers the bell in keeping us as investors on the correct path instead of being easily misled by the very loud white noise that dominates most financial websites.

The reason I continued to insist I was right over 15 years ago about this fact at a time when I could count the number of people willing to publicly speak about this matter on one hand was because mathematics informed me I was correct.

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Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
Building Wealth With Tomii Academy
John Kim