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The Age of War and Blind Obedience to Desecrated Information Sources


“Truth is always the first casualty of war. Unfortunately, we are living in an Age of War.”

Sadly, our reverence for information sources have been severely degraded during the course of my lifetime. Far too many of us, when desiring to know if information is correct or false, depend solely upon fact-checking sources like Wikipedia, Snopes and Facebook, or other “news agencies” like CNN and Bloomberg,  or internet search engines, to instruct us if information is false or true, without accounting for the fact that the sources of these fact checks are massively biased due to loyalties to Ruling Class agendas. In other words, our reality is entirely fabricated by extremely biased sources of information that serve false masters.

One manner in which State leaders deceive us into embracing falsehoods is by loudly proclaiming that they hate what they embrace. For example, most claim they hate the ideology of nations that rule with an iron fist, but they all speak out of the sides of their mouths because they implemented the exact same “rule with an iron fist” measures implemented by the Chinese government during Co-vid lockdowns, so clearly they love unchallenged, absolute power to rule as they see fit even when their rulings lack compassion and reason. We hear from them that we must never stand for tyranny, except for when they see tyranny as necessary to accomplish their goals in multiple theatre operations and wars they wage against multiple nations around the world to gain economic advantages in a region and to extract valuable resources held by other nations. State leaders rightfully claim that the killing of innocent people during war in their nations is murder but then turn around and claim that these same actions committed in retaliation by them is “righteous”, a completely hypocritical and immoral claim.

And the wars are not just literal,  but also metaphorical. The MIB complex not only currently sows misery, poverty, chaos and immorality throughout the world as the “standard” in their escalation of wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, but also concurrently wages a metaphorical war against our collective minds and souls in a mission to strip us of all humanity by implementing tactics of intimidation to silence us all from speaking out against their multiple behaviors of criminality and immorality.

This is not a new tactic either, as the tactics being implemented by many so-called “freedom loving” governments are the exact same ones they have always publicly historically condemned. Ever since 911, when PNAC (the Project for the New American Century) provided the crisis template and blueprint to forward their anti-human agenda much more rapidly than would be possible during peace time, they have been executing this same blueprint in their war against humanity over and over and over again. Many of us sadly still fail to comprehend the Ruling Class’s true objectives in the enforcement of their Co-vid lockdowns – the destruction of our finances, savings and mental health while achieving concurrent transfer of wealth to themselves.

Many of us sadly fail to connect the dots between Co-vid lockdowns and their escalation of wars worldwide, their open border policies in the United States and many EU nations, and the coming crashing of global markets and the coming bankruptcies of more banks. All these events are heavily connected, related and intertwined, but the spineless mass media journalists of today will never report these connections to us because their souls have long been captured many decades ago by the Ruling Class. This is why we must so heavily rely almost solely on independent journalists to receive any truth. There are no such things as coincidences in reference to these events and people must realize Occam’s Razor as an explanation for all the chaos in the world is no longer applicable due to the malevolence and wickedness of the Ruling Class guiding global policies today.

Later in this article, I will reveal the only rationale way to apply Occam’s Razor in today’s upside down world. Last week, I provided a 45 minute podcast during which I outlined a potential extremely lucrative investment opportunity based upon the current chaos the Ruling Class is sowing around the world. If you haven’t listened to that yet as a paying subscriber, I highly recommend that you listen to that podcast as well as to my short seven-minute follow up posted  just a few days ago. We live in a world today in which nearly everything the Ruling Class forwards to us in the mass media, whether about the topics of politics and war, religion, or finance and money is a complete lie. If we only assumed the exact opposite of all Ruling Class disseminated narratives, we have a much greater probability of understanding truth than not.

I used to joke with my colleagues when I still was a corporate employee, that if we merely read JP Morgan’s Top 10 Investment ideas released at the start of every new year and executed the exact opposite strategies, such behavior provided about as good of a model to guarantee profits as we could ever ask for. Since some members here have asked me, after reading the entire archive of my BTC price predictions here and observing only one really significantly wrong prediction but many multiple predictions in which I called exact or near-exact price tops and bottoms over multiple years, to explain my methodology behind all my accurate price predictions, here it is. My latest BTC price predictions were delivered for the months of November and this month, and both materialized exactly how I predicted they would materialize. There’s still a week left in December to see if my issued December BTC price prediction comes true, but thus far, it’s been spot on.

Though I know there are many on this platform that invest in BTC that massively disagree with my well-researched opinion (v. wild unsubstantiated speculation) that BTC is another Central Banking psyop and tool of the Ruling Class,  one should, as a critical thinker, at a minimum, wonder how in the world I could have (1) predicted the exact top of BTC at $20,000 in 2017 and subsequently predicted a crash in 2018 from $20,000 to $5,000 in 2018 (my bottom prediction was off by only $2k); (2) predicted near exact bottoms and tops in price for BTC all throughout 2021, issuing a sell opinion, a buy opinion and a final sell opinion to sell all BTC that year at $66,000 (it peaked at $70,000); and (3) finally predicted spot-on BTC price movements for the past two months?   I have always disclosed that all my BTC price predictions are based on zero technical chart analysis and 100% analysis of banker manipulation of BTC prices. Consequently, any reasonable person would conclude, given the accuracy of all my BTC price predictions with only one failed prediction among them (for which I provided a very detailed explanation), that BTC prices are banker manipulated, as no other credible conclusion can be drawn from my reliance on analyzing BTC price manipulaiton metrics and the accuracy of my price calls.

For how could I evaluate banker efforts to force BTC prices both higher and lower and then base very accurate predictions off of this data if zero banker BTC price manipulation existed, as claimed by the majority of BTC HODLers? (thus explaining the video clip I posted at the top of this article)

But despite this evidence, there are those that think my near perfect calls of multiple BTC price tops and bottoms through the years have been purely lucky (which mathematically would have less than a one in hundred million chance of materializing based upon blind speculation). For all those that have continued to remain staunchly opposed to the fact that bankers heavily manipulate BTC prices to forward their agenda (which, by the way, I have asserted has always left room in the past for people to become abundantly wealthy from buying BTC, though I believe those historical parabolic price runs higher are now an event of the past), at a minimum, I hope that if one acknowledges the fact that the Ruling Class has constructed a world in which up is now down, left is now right, and lies are now blindly and overwhelmingly embraced as truth, then there is at least a sliver of possibility that my assertions about BTC price behavior could be correct.

If we hold beliefs that the rest of our community holds, the very fact that we embrace a consensus belief in an upside down world is sufficient reason to more carefully study the origins of our beliefs and the possibility that perhaps we drink from a poisoned well of information. Very few among us are vigilant about our sources of information. This is astounding, considering how so many of us are so inflexible in our beliefs. Commitment in beliefs is a good thing, because no one respects a spineless jellyfish that changes their opinions with every shift in the direction of consensus about a variety of narratives. However, if we are to be committed to our beliefs with such ferocity as many of us are today, at a minimum, this commitment needs to arise from a vigilance about our sources of information with a level of fervor that borders on insanity.

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