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Is Intellect Dead?

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Is Intellect Dead?

Or How the Global Educational System Has Obliterated Intellect

Today, as a follow up to my article, “How Being Programmed What to Think v. How to Think Has Ruined All Meaning in Life”, I pose the question, “Is Intellect Dead?” (or How the global educational system has obliterated intellect). Of course, I pose this question somewhat tongue-in-cheek though certainly it is my belief that the Ruling Class Gatekeepers are obliterating intellect from society as rapidly is possible. To push back against this quite tragic development, I spent fifteen years developing my wealth building Academy that I finally was able to launch last month, Tomii Academy.

Grab your cup of morning coffee, if it is morning where you dwell, or your favorite glass of spirits if it is evening, and settle in. The above podcast is a forty minute exploration of many various subjects, designed to reveal that many of our strongest beliefs were never arrived at on our own, but simply implanted in our belief system by Ruling Class Gatekeepers. Though people become offended when I ask them, “When was the last time you had a completely original thought?”, the most offended by this question are the least capable of providing an answer. If our global education system truly educated, this question would not take but a minute of pondering to answer.

Below, I provide the podcast timeline and shownotes along with a brief description of the Gatekeeper “What to Think” narratives so many of us blindly believe. After discussing the Gatekeeper “What to Think” narratives in the above podcast, I then spend time deconstructing them with the provision of “How to Think” explanations.

By the way, I settled upon the below topics due to discussions I’ve had in recent years with people of all age and wealth demographics, in three different nations - from young to old, and poor to extremely wealthy - that all expressed a firm belief in all of the “What to Think” narratives delineated below. Thus, I felt it paramount to address many of the narratives that I’ve discovered to be widely accepted regardless of nationality, wealth, and age.

Podcast Timeline

0:00 - 5:25: Finance & Money

The “What to Think” Narratives: The global fiat currency system enforced by Central Bankers is the most honest and best currency system for all. Options Trading: The best way to achieve successful options trades are by executing trades in which traders provide the exact parameters of successful options trading strategies (entry price, strike price, expiration date, etc.) instead of explaining the process of options trading to allow you to execute trades on your own. For the first narrative, I gloss over the “how to think” explanation because the previous article I published two days ago here already exposed this widely accepted “what to think” narrative as delusional. Scroll to the bottom for additional notes about this section.

5:25 - 15:05: War and Politics

The “What to Think” Narrative: Killing of innocent people in war is “moral” if it is executed by the side the Gatekeepers anoint as the “right” side. The exact same actions committed by the “opposition” side is evil. Murder is not objectively wrong but the opinion makers get to subjectively tell us when murder is “moral” and when murder is “immoral”.

15:05 - 17:56: Success and Wealth

The “What to Think” Narrative: There is no other definer of success than financial achievement and material wealth accumulation. All other qualities that constitute a “successful” life are to be dismissed when judging if a person is successful or not.

17:56 - 22:10: The Melding of Government Authority and Corporatism, i.e. Fascism

The “What to Think” Narrative: Fascism is freedom and not blindly complying with orders handed down to us and perhaps sacrificing our long-term health by doing so is unacceptable because authority figures will always know best about such topics. This is why they are “experts” and we are not.

22:10 - 24:50: Education and Intellect

The “What to Think” Narrative: The only choice for educating any child and young adult is the global institutional education system (i.e. kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school, college and university, graduate shool). There is no other alternative choice, whether independently researched and self-funded, likeTomii Academy, or even a home schooling option, that can possibly teach a young adult how to think properly, find meaning and purpose outside of the institutional narrative of good grades and high paying jobs, as expertly as teachers/professors beholden to the system.

and finally…

24:50 - the end: The Taboo Subject of Religion

The “What to Think” Narrative: Science and God cannot co-exist. Either you believe in scientific facts and are an atheist or you believe in God and do not believe in science. It matters not that a lifetime of scientific studies converted some of the world’s greatest scientists from atheism to Christianity or strengthened their existing faith, a list that included Galileo Galilee (1564-1642), Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961). Science is incompatible with God, and despite the beliefs of the best scientists in history that explained that science can be used to successfully argue for the existence of God, anybody that claims science can be used to argue for the existence of God is a fool.

I end my above Death of Intellect podcast with the most taboo subject of all, religion, because I believe only a coward will deliberately avoid discussion of a so-called designated “taboo” subject simply because such a discussion is near guaranteed to cause a loss of subscribers on this platform (given the anti-God Ruling Class Gatekeeper narrative being spread across the world). Unfortunately for the Gatekeepers, I have never been a coward.

Finally as stated in the “Finance & Money” timeline above, I present some additional commentary to accompany that topic below. It took me many years to understand how to consistently reap profits from options trading so hopefully the lessons I extracted from two decades of options trading, even in this much more difficult trading environment that exists today, will be of high value to all investors that trade options.


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