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Beware the Self-Glorification, Narcissistic Narratives Spread by the Ruling Class Establishment About "Success"


As you all know, if I post on the weekends, I will publish non-finance related posts, and today fulfills my usual publication pattern. This leads to a lot of people, only here for the financial related posts, to skip all my weekend posts. But if you are among this segment of my subscribers, please read at least the first couple paragraphs of today’s written post before deciding to skip it and the accompanying podcast. In today’s podcast posted above, I speak of the need to beware the self-serving, narcissistic, bloodsucking, soul crushing message of the establishment’s widely spread false narrative about fame, wealth and success that leave billions directionless and without meaning in life.   Nearly every message the Ruling Class establishment forwards these days, whether through pop culture, social media, mass media or even through their billionaire puppets, involves elevating self over others, a special type of narcissism that leads us all into a descent into darkness.

I’ve always preached a message of success diametrically opposed by the definition of success forwarded by the Ruling Class establishment and even the majority of teachers and professors employed within the institution of academics. I’ve always preached that success is not defined by any singular factor like the self-serving accumulation of money and material wealth, but defined by multiple factors such as the balanced, holistic attainment of strong financial health, strong physical health and strong mental health that manifests in service to others. And these other integral elements of “success” ignored by those lured by establishment narratives to pursue the singular mission of fame and fortune at the expense of all else, unfortunately creates massively poor mental health among the masses that suffer debilitating thoughts of suicide that leave no room for positive thoughts.

When I state in the above podcast that a component of service to others is necessary for sustainable happiness in our lives, I state this due to the necessity of realizing that the world, let alone the universe, does not revolve around us, and that if we give in to every single desire and impulse we experience without any restraint and discipline, that this will create an unhappy life.  For example, unless one has a hormonal disorder that leads to obesity, obesity is a choice, but a choice manifested through serving every single whim with zero discipline. I have never met an obese person (without a hormonal imbalance that causes obesity) that does not give into every whim to consume unhealthy food that tastes good with little nutritional value such as fast food, tons of processed foods, massive quantities of sugar laden soda over fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and meat.

And therefore obesity originates from a lack of self-control and constant self-service to one’s desires. But there is no doubt that being healthy and fit serves everyone better, including bringing more joy to the person that is healthy and fit as they can enjoy nature more, move about easily without being out of breath in executing normal every day tasks, and increase the probability that they will live a much longer life to provide for dependent children or merely to interact with friends and family. Thus, even in a choice to eat for nutrition and exercise regularly, one makes a choice to serve others, like one’s children, friends and family, than just making a choice to serve oneself, as the ruling class establishment clearly preaches by the type of narcissistic, self-serving people they elevate to fame on social media platforms.

My belief that a life of service must be an element to achieve sustainable happiness in life also ties into the very first sentence of today’s post. For those that choose to be healthy and fit, many times this choice coincides with a desire to live longer to provide for their children or to fulfill a purpose in life that often has to do with serving others, so in the end, even though the end goal benefits the one pursuing the goal, it is accomplished with the purpose of serving others. But look at the fame and fortune attained by social media influencers that only serve themselves, as dozens of them have run cryptocurrency scams that stole hundreds of millions of dollars from their followers, with no concern for the fact that they stole savings that their followers could not afford to lose without being ruined financially, with the sole purpose of enriching themselves financially. And some of these people today that have bilked millions from others and refuse to correct their past wrongs, including the Wolf of Wall Street, preach concepts like serving others and being kind to others, which also should warn you that those that preach being a person of honor are often the worst hypocrites in the entire world.

Such messages are even spread in memes forwarded by much more popular pop icons like DJ Khaled, who always screams “We the Best!” in all of his songs, an approach that much more subtly spreads self glorification. And thus, when such icons are among those exposed in participating in sheisty cryptocurrency schemes for money that swindled millions, the alignment of narcissistic behavior with narcissistic slogans makes complete sense.

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There are many that will immediately skip today’s post because it is non-finance related, but let me emphasize that though this post may seem non-finance related at first glance, in reality, it possesses a lot of critical guidance necessary in building alliances with the right type of people that will allow us ample shelter from the elevated levels of societal breakdown and chaos that will manifest from 2024 to 2028. Times of great struggle reveal our true friends as well as disloyal acquaintances that we may have mistakenly believed to be true friends.  However, times of great struggle are not the times to learn that those we believed would support us have abandoned us. And the importance of understanding who are our true friends versus our fake friends before mass chaos manifests in our world is the reason why I decided to record the above podcast, so that we all may have a basis in understanding how to separate our true friends from our fake ones if we have not already done so by now.

As I have been relentlessly persecuted by the banking establishment for unapologetically exposing their iniquities, I have been exposed to many frauds that pretended to be my friends over the decades, with people even sending me emails that they were contacting me because they “wanted to help me”, but I was able to see straight through all of their deceptions because I used the basis of the foundation for good men and women above to discern whether, despite approaching me as a “friend”, they were friend or foe. When society breaks down due to systemic breakdowns of global financial infrastructure, banking systems and markets that precipitate alongside intensifying global war, this is not the time to discover that those we believed to be true friends are nowhere to be found.

And because of the Great Deception being imposed upon us by the ruling class Establishment, unfortunately, hundreds of millions  will find themselves in this situation in coming years.  Also, don’t get my message in the above podcast twisted in regard to religion, because no person of faith will ever condemn someone they know for not knowing faith, as love, not condemnation and hatred, is always the road upon which truth dwells. And even then the topic of love is much too complex for me to discuss with the attention it deserves within the limitations of this article as not all love is equal, i.e. the love of money serves self and is not honorable. Whether or not someone can be trusted in the future simply boils down to observation of that person’s actions in being helpful to others or persistently selfish, though being a good judge of character also is necessary, as many times people will help you solely with the mission of taking advantage of you later.

Thus, because in today’s post I speak of how we can identify strong, honorable men that do not shy away from struggle in their lives, the type of men we all will need as partners and allies when societal chaos breaks out around the world, today’s post is far more related to finance than it may first appear, though it is related to ensuring our safety and longevity during periods of financial chaos and breakdown that are ahead of us. As I’ve previously stated countless times, just as nearly every single principle about money and investing online is the opposite of truth and truths in this arena have been relentlessly buried and censored by the establishment, the establishment has also buried the truth about many other foundational pillars of society, including religion, politics and war (I realized this last pillar should be peace, not war, but unfortunately war has become a pillar of our lifetime). I can honestly state that most everything every person that is fiercely anti-religious believes about religion is the exact opposite of truth and is merely the propaganda narratives of religion dispensed over centuries by the establishment Ruling Class. 

Allow me to explain. Most people’s hatred of religion stems from a lack of spending any time studying religion that creates a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of religion that is the exact opposite of truth. For example, I’ve spoken to numerous people that express a complete disdain for religion that explain their disdain due to seemingly unlimited historical atrocities (the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Iraq War in which US President Bush publicly stated God told him to drop bombs on Baghdad, modern terrorist attacks, etc.) committed in the name of religion. However, my simple intellectual rebuttal to this claim is to ask that person to show me where the murder of innocent people is preached in scriptures. Though I agree that some laws are written in scriptures that seem ridiculous for modern times, that is because there are many different kinds of laws contained in scriptures.

Some, such as, do not kill innocent people and love your neighbor as yourself, were written to be timeless. Others were written with an “expiration date”, meant to apply only to the ancient time in which they were written and once that period passed, so did their applicability. This is why many Biblical laws written in scripture seem ridiculous today, because they would be ridiculous if applied to modern life and they were never written to apply to an era other than the era in which they were written. Finally, other rules were meant to be kept by the Israeli Jews to differentiate them from other heathen cultures that surrounded them back in ancient times. Consequently, they also were never meant to be applied to future generations once that era expired. However, for religious laws meant to be timeless, like do not kill innocent people, I would fathom that anyone with a moral compass, religious or not, would agree with them. But the lack of understanding of these scholarly topics causes many people to dismiss religion, as written in historical texts, as “stupid”.

Thus, people that claim that religion is responsible for some of the worst atrocities in human history do not make the very critical distinction that such atrocities were committed by men professing to be religious that were in reality, vehemently and fiercely ANTI-religious. A lot of the atrocities they committed directly violated the most sacred of timeless religious laws, like do not kill innocent people. Consequently, it does not require a Mensa genius to deduce that anyone that advocates justified killing of the innocent  in the name of religion, as is currently happening in both sides of a “religious” war being fought today in Gaza, is fiercely ANTI-religious and does not have a shred of religious spirit or faith living in them.

Before I spent a single minute ever reading about religion, studying religion and therefore understanding the nuances we must understand in arguments made to demonize the institution of religion, such as atrocities committed by so-called religious people that can be easily discredited as committed by people that were devoutly ANTI-religious, I too, was fooled by these sophomoric arguments into being anti-religious and thought that the institution of religion exerted a net negative, instead of a net positive social footprint on society. Even today, prominent social media personalities that the mass media praise to high heaven as “intellectuals” and “religiously honorable” preach and advocate for limitless justified killings of innocent people in war. This exposes the complete destruction of even the most basic critical thinking skills among the hundreds of millions worldwide that lap up such propaganda. This is why I always reiterate today, that anyone that argues an authoritative narrative without performing any research to distinguish if that narrative is true or false, whether that narrative is about experimental healthcare drugs mandated as necessary for everyone or narratives that are hell-bent on instructing us who is the right and wrong side in war, should be unilaterally classified as a fool. And unfortunately, such fools incapable of separating illogical emotion from intellectual truth, are destined for immense suffering when the financial chaos arrives sometime between this year and 2028.

Why? Because the same irrational lack of logic that applies to their thinking about religion will guide their thought and beliefs about protecting their savings during our next global financial fallout that will exceed in scope and nature our last global financial crisis in 2008.

The reason it is so easy for many of us to be fooled into non-intellectual arguments regarding topics of an emotional nature is due to a continued service of self instead of a conscious choice to serve others. We can all agree that arguments about war, religion and even money and finance are most times never rooted in facts, but rooted in emotion, and thus the reason we have always been told that politics, religion and money are three topics to be avoided at all costs at the dinner table, if we wish to have a pleasant dining experience, whether that experience is with one other person or many others. However, I’ve always believed that all three topics are very broachable at the dinner table if all parties would commit to discussing such topics from a non-emotional, intellectual perspective rooted in scholarly facts and not emotion. Just as the blatantly wrong, ignorant-about-science community numbered in the millions and ignorantly damned the scholarly that understood real science, not the “science” promoted by people in positions of authority, and therefore refused to wear face masks and to be administered drugs that had not undergone proper robust clinical trials for DNA toxicology, safety or efficacy, the millions that scream about the atrocious crimes against humanity for which religion bears responsibility argue such points from a place of ignorance and zero scholarship about religion.

Unfortunately, the reason these topics cannot be spoken about without losing civility at the dinner table is because the ruling class establishment has brainwashed all of us into serving self instead of enlightening us about the importance of serving others in order to be a good man or a good woman in this world. Thus, when we speak of such topics and disagree, the disagreements quickly devolve into one of the most debased emotional states in which the involved parties concern themselves with “winning” the heated argument instead of being correct, because “winning” a debate serves one’s ego and thus becomes top priority.

However, those that understand the necessity of serving others to create the most humane society possible always consider the debate from the opposition point of view, which then yields infinitely more humane outlooks, as we can all realize that if someone murdered our mother, father, brother, sister, nephew and uncle as we ate dinner inside of our apartment complex, that such an act would create hatred for the people that bombed us no matter our race,  faith, age, level of wealth or poverty or skin color.  Viewing typically emotionally heated subjects through the lens of morality would lead to a humane solution in war because all resolutions would consider a resolution that serves the best interests of all innocent people, instead of just the side so many of us have emotionally, not intellectually, committed to as the “right” side.

Biblical scripture condemns the murder of innocent people and states that the worst religious crime of all is to hurt innocent children and that it is a better for those that harm innocent children to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the deepest depths of the ocean than what awaits them in the afterlife. Yet, there is not one political or alphabet agency leader, not one, despite dozens of them being privy to damning evidence contained on Jeffrey Epstein’s computer hard drives, willing to do the right thing and prevent harm to thousands more innocent children. If there are any intelligence agency leaders that claim to be religious that have not acted to prosecute the very powerful people found culpable on Epstein’s hard drives of committing heinous acts against innocent children, we must understand that these people are fiercely ANTI-religious, as concealing deplorable evidence to protect the world’s richest most powerful men is the antithesis of all religious moral laws.

Thus, we must understand that the continual condemnation of religion for the failure of anti-religious people is comical, though a very powerful and effective propaganda narrative of the godless ruling class that controls all media today.

Condemnation of all the world’s historical atrocities committed in the “name of religion” is actually condemnation of historical atrocities committed by religious demagogues that were fiercely anti-religious in all of their demonstrated behavior.  And those that condemn such acts are 100% correct to condemn them all, though 100% wrong to blame religion for these atrocities. In addition, when people state they are anti-religious because religious leaders use religion to control and brainwash people, these people are also 100% wrong, because religious leaders that preach hatred against other people are 100% anti-religious. Self-professed religious leaders that behave badly in the name of religion for riches, power and control are all, by religions’ own documented laws, fiercely anti-religious sociopaths and hypocrites.


The Remarkable Erasure of Critical Thinking in the Way We Think About Everything

(And How the Ruling Class Has Turned Billions of Us into the Epitome of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man to Spread Their Lies)

The reason I chose to focus on religion, though obviously a very controversial topic, in illustrating the establishment’s erasure of critical thinking in our assignment of blame for the world’s most brutal atrocities is because of the complexity required to speak intellectually about religion. Religion, due to its emotional weight in topical material, requires extremely careful thought in order to provide easily comprehensible arguments that explain why blame assigned to religion for many of the world’s historical atrocities is an incorrect conclusion. And if I can adequately perform this feat with religion, since the ruling class uses these exact same tactics to lead billions of us astray regarding our decisions about finance, investing and money, it then becomes infinitely easier to expose the relentless nature of financial propaganda shoved down our throats as well.

Before I proceed with finance, however, let me just provide the corollary to the argument that the institution of religion is responsible for mass murders throughout history to prove the non-intellectual nature of this argument. Many of the most horrific mass murders in world history, including the relentless torture and genocide of one out of every four people in Cambodia, including the most horrific experiments that involved the dismemberment of humans while they were still alive, were carried out by atheists and the atheist dictator Pol Pot. The largest genocide in world history was committed under the leadership of avowed atheist Mao Tse Tung, where low estimates of people killed under his reign in China number 50 million and high estimates number 80 million. I could continue for many more paragraphs, discussing horrific crimes against humanity committed by other avowed atheists in history like Stalin and Hitler. Yet, we never hear an argument from the ruling class establishment that atheism is responsible for the world’s worst humanitarian atrocities.

The fact that we don’t is because this topic is approached from a non-emotional intellectual level as no documented interviews exist with these monsters that would allow us to conclude beyond doubt that their lack of faith directly gave rise to their horrible acts that resulted in the murders of hundreds of millions of people. Thus, from an intellectual perspective, we should not attribute their horrible acts to atheism as dozens of other factors could possibly explain their zealotry in murdering innocent people, such as child abuse, lack of any responsible parental guidance, a belief that humans have no purpose in life that leads to a failure to condemn murder as sinful, and so on. And this is the very intellectual argument that should apply to the dismissal of absurd arguments that religion is responsible for mass murder as well. In fact, we can be 100% positive that the truthful answer to the question, “Are you against the murder of innocent people?” among so-called religious leaders that have committed such atrocities is “No”, simply based upon evidence that they issued commands that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands to millions of innocent people. And that violation of religious law would make them fiercely ANTI-religious despite the ruling class establishment continuing to sell us a message today that religious people were responsible for the widespread and numerous atrocities they committed against humanity.

After I finally understood all of the above, which required years of scholarly study to understand, I can claim with all honesty that I have still yet to learn of one truly religious person, whose acts are, and will always be, grounded in love, that committed deplorable acts to which I was morally opposed. It’s not to say such people are infallible, as all among us are fallible, religious or not. During my study of accusations of religion’s link to human atrocities, I however, learned of thousands of ANTI-religious people that were falsely framed by the ruling class establishment as religious simply because they held positions of authority within religious institutions. I will expose, with ease, the false nature of this argument soon, so I hope you keep reading and stay tuned.

Recall that earlier in this article, I revealed that scriptures assigned, as among the very lowest of crimes any of us could commit, the harming of an innocent child. Yet, all of us are aware of leaders of religious institutions that have protected and shielded from criminal prosecution, adults that committed heinous crimes against children (SA). Consequently, while irrational emotion may lead the willfully ignorant to conclude that they should continue to revere such religious leaders, intellect will always inform us of the morally correct and true path that such a leader should be immediately disavowed for embodying the antithesis of religious behavior.

Bad and deplorable people infiltrate every institution of this world but this unfortunate truth does not, in it of itself, make the institution deplorable.

There is an intellectual difference in the two concepts discussed above. Just as I applied this  intellectual truth to religions, we can now apply this same intellectual argument to other institutions as well. There have been historical, documented cases of nurses that were caught injecting dangerous drugs into hundreds of patients’ IV drips that were responsible for their eventual deaths. Because we have instances of nurses that murdered dozens to hundreds of patients and were among the worst civilian serial killers in modern history (though instances of far worse political serial killers exist),  this dark fact does not make the institution of nursing and medicine an evil one that should be abolished.

In addition, a long storied history of authorities approving drugs that caused the killing of hundreds of thousands of people exist, among them the anti-inflammatory, arthritis medicine Vioxx, believed to have killed an estimated half a million people before authorities finally acknowledged existing data that proved hundreds of thousands of people taking this drug were dying. Though eventually, authorities finally mandated that Vioxx should not be sold to prospective patients, their life saving mandate to pull Vioxx from the shelves of all pharmacies did not occur until after years of data already existed about Vioxx’s link to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Yet, in response to this fiasco, one of literally hundreds of fiascos involving “approved” drugs that killed thousands to hundreds of thousands of people, we do not hear arguments that all pharmaceuticals are evil and that no drug should ever be administered to any patient ever again. Why? Because of the scientific evidence we have of the benefits of modern pharmacology in saving and prolonging lives, and our intellectual ability to distinguish between the self-serving, evil behaviors of some authorities that committed atrocities in the pursuit of money and the humanitarian benefits of anti-bacterial drugs that have saved millions of human lives.  

I think we can all agree that the entire institution of healthcare and even pharmaceuticals is not evil, but it is the evil actions of people in positions of authority that give rise to evil outcomes. But even in the instance in which an entire institution works against the best interests of humanity, like banking, we can also agree that due to ignorance of the facts about the banking institution, that there are likely some good people unaware of the harm they are committing against humanity at the top of a few banking institutions. And most of us can agree that is not the institution of banking that is evil, but the actions of those within the top positions of power and authority that yield evil outcomes, like growing global poverty and wealth inequality. And anyone that has studied sound monetary systems would even argue that banking, if it reverts to sound money as used in past historical times, would even revert to a force for good, instead of bad, among humanity.

Yet, we never hear the ruling class establishment call for the abolition of the fractional reserve banking system, even though a non-emotional, intellectual argument would call for the permanent end of the fractional reserve banking system that only serves the interests of its owners, a tiny fraction of all humanity. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the institution of politics have given rise to many of the world’s worst genocides in history when sociopaths have risen to the top positions of political power and authority. Thus, even when there are long documented multiple instances of people at the highest levels of healthcare, banking, politics and pharmaceuticals committing evil acts, we never hear any calls from the Ruling Class to forever cancel these institutions in the same manner as they call for the abolition of all religion around the world due to the evil acts carried out by sociopaths that manage to rise to positions of power and authority among religious institutions.

At a minimum, this disparate act of applied cancel culture in which only the institution of religion suffers relentless attacks for calls of cancellation, not only by the Ruling Class, but also by those brainwashed by them among the civilian class, despite numerous other institutions yielding “authoritative leaders” that committed similar acts of atrocity, should cause every single one among us to ask the following question:

Why is the Ruling Class so hell-bent in creating a world without religion and not a world without other institutions that have been exploited by bad people to produce bad outcomes?

I will leave it up to you to research and arrive at the answer to the above question yourself? But I will provide a hint that will help you in your journey by informing you that you should begin your investigation by discovering why the most brutal Communist leaders in history made the abolition of religious practice one of their primary goals to achieve.


To conclude, I warn of the Ruling Class’s deplorable definitions of fame, wealth and success above, that have caused Generation Alphas to list social media influencer and YouTuber as their top desired occupational choice, a choice that will certainly contribute to the downfall of civilization for not only the lack of meaning the masses will possess in their daily lives but also for the dearth of doctors, engineers, farmers, physicists and mathematicians such career aspirations will create in future generations. However, equally important, I warn of the Ruling Class’s deplorable definitions of religion and other societal pillars that have been fooling the masses into embracing faulty beliefs that will weaken the percentages of real men and women that will exist in future generations as well.

I often have stated that I will never fully trust a man or woman that has not overcome serious struggles in their lives with grace and honor. The Establishment has always taught us the following falsehoods: struggles are bad, always seek comfort over discomfort, strive for unbridled joy at all times in our lives, and that four billion people on this planet that dwell in poverty and struggle economically every day serves as proof that there is no God in this world.  Of course they will argue that all the horrific things that happen to good people prove no God exists in this world because this relieves them of any responsibility for their enforcement of an anti-humanitarian monetary system seeped in iniquity that ensures the deplorable sustainability of massive and growing numbers of the poor, the hungry and the food insecure in our world today. The fractional reserve banking system of Central Banking is the true culprit that perpetuates the plight of the four billion poor today and not a lack of a benign Creator, the “explanation” to which the Ruling Class assigns all ills in the world today. In other words, their mass movement to a secular world without God is designed to forever hide their responsibility for creating the bulk of problems that exist in today’s world, because such an explanation provides them an “out” to explain the world’s iniquities, that all chaos in the world today is just random and no one's creation or fault. However, this still is not the primary reason the Ruling Class desires to create a faithless, secular world today and to discover that, as I stated above, one must research why the most brutal Communist leaders in history placed abolition of religious practice at the top of their “to do” list.

And for those that find the relentless quest to overcome struggle inspirational, spoken of by people like Jocko Willink and David Goggins, we should know that such messages have religious origins, even if Willink and Goggins may be unaware of it themselves. Scripture informs us not just to embrace struggle for the beneficial lessons we will learn from conquering struggle, but to rejoice in struggle for the lessons bestowed by struggle that will make us better men and women. Sound familiar to Goggin’s messages? Therefore I find it ironic that those that hate the most on the messages spread by Goggins and Willink are among the most self-serving people on our planet, often called out by Goggins (more so than Willink, who tends to be more diplomatic with his haters) for being voluntarily fat and lazy. Goggins’ haters provide a much needed community of support for the lazy and self-serving to reinforce their self-harming behavior, an outcome adored by the Ruling Class establishment.

The blood sucking, soul crushing ruling class establishment has been relentless in their narrative that “being sad is always bad” and that “always being happy is good”, regardless if our happiness is derived from material wealth gained by stepping on the broken bones of the poor and the unfortunate. They feed us this message of iniquity, embraced by millions, though ancient scriptures teach the exact opposite, that the “heart of the wise is in the house of mourning but the heart of fools in the house of mirth”. The lack of understanding of this seemingly oxymoronic message is birthed in the deceptions of the rich on this planet to always glorify self above service to others.

The reason I mentioned CJ Stroud in my above podcast is because many people are unaware of CJ Stroud’s backstory, which you can view here. It is an amazing one that I encourage all of you to view, as it is only fifteen minutes.  The  reason I mentioned the mass media’s censorship of CJ Stroud’s message to serve others and not yourself is because awareness of the censorship of all anti-establishment narratives establishes the massive fear the Ruling Class has of others embracing an anti-narcissistic message of service.

CJ Stroud underwent immense hardships as a teenager and more bad things happened to him than almost anyone I know, with the exception of Los Angeles gang members with whom I volunteered every week when I lived in Los Angeles. CJ Stroud’s story reinforces the message that there is strength, humility and massive life lessons to be learned from our struggles and that massive light can be birthed from our darkest times of struggle. CJ’s story also brings under scrutiny many billionaires’ immense and obscene gluttonous appetite for material wealth and money without any true service to the poor despite their blessings and these are the reasons why billionaires that control Western mass media, are so focused on censoring any message that differs from their views of “success” and self-worship. They know their definitions of success and self-worship, embraced by hundreds of millions, if not billions, create the ultimate lowest and weakest, and not the highest and best versions, of all men and women, that ultimately enable the human population to be controlled.

In fact ancient religious texts tell us we should expect righteous men to perish in their righteousness and wicked men to prosper in their iniquity and that witnessing such unjust and unfair events is not an excuse to pursue the establishment Ruling Class’s definition of success and fame. Since scriptures tell us that periods of struggle and great hardships are necessary to create strong powerful men and women in a world ruled by darkness, think of the type of weak minded men and women that would constitute 100% of our population if no struggle existed in our world. Many people’s arguments against the existence of a higher Being is rooted in their belief that great struggle should not exist in our world if a higher Being actually existed, especially great struggle suffered by good people. However, because struggle is a necessary component to create great men and women worthy of our admiration, then it is also a given that at times, unfortunately wicked men and women will prosper and truly good-hearted men and women will suffer.

In conclusion, scriptures are very explicit in warning us that wisdom will be ignored and that the words of wise men will be heard in quiet more than the cry of those that rule among fools.  It doesn’t say that this will happen only in the institution of religion but that this phenomena will rear its ugly head among all institutions. And this is why I always preach that if you follow the loudest, most prominent voices in finance, these voices will always lead you astray and into self-harming decisions. Truth, even in finance and investing, will always be relegated to the quietest realms in a sea of mass media finance voices. How do the loudest voices in finance become the loudest voices? Is it merely by happenstance that the Wolf of Wall Street still commands exposure to millions on mass media financial channels? Or perhaps the Ruling Class serves as the gatekeepers that decide who will rise to be among the top ranking players in finance and on Wall Street that can reach tens of millions with their message because they spread the false messages desired by the Ruling Class.

The establishment will always praise and glorify the demagogues in finance and give them the loudest voices among all voices while the voices of the wise will be suppressed. You already know who I believe to be one of these voices, as I posted an interview I conducted with him a few months ago here. If you made it to the end of this long post, please don’t forget to provide your thoughts about these matters by commenting below. Even though this post is not strictly a financial one, today’s topic is critical to determining who will survive the coming global financial chaos, and your insight provided below could be extremely helpful to others here (as well as fulfilling your component of the skwealthacademy community to serve others with your insight and wisdom).

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