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How the Ruling Class Hacked Our Behavior

And the Prescience of the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell

I’ve never been a big anime fan but I understand why the genre is so popular with a certain group of cinephiles. The one film that anime fans have always told me to watch is Ghost in the Shell for its social commentary, so with Elon Musk’s neuralink project perhaps making the human computer interface a reality by the futuristic date of this film in 2029, I finally decided to discuss this film, with a plan to watch it in the near future.

Here is the basic summary of the film. In the year 2029, a cyber interface between human brains and the internet is commonplace, a remarkable prediction of future goals of the transhumanist movement, considering that the world wide web was only created in 1991 and that this movie was released in 1995. In addition, various levels of cyborgs assist in society that not only possess brain-internet cyber interfaces but advanced robotic prosthetics. The protagonist of Ghost in the Shell is a cyborg named Major Motoko Kusanagi, and he heads an elite, secret police division called Section 9 tasked with capturing the Puppet Master, an expert cyberhacker among a group of dangerous hackers that infiltrate the brains of cyborgs to steal information and modify people’s thoughts to make them engage in actions that serve the hackers’ whims.

How the Covid Lockdowns Reveal Reality Has Imitated Fiction

Two of the most preeminent experts in their scientific fields were completely mocked, disparaged, slandered, threatened and discredited by health authorities and the masses during Covid lockdowns for the warnings that are now proven to have been indisputable facts. The horrific flippancy in which these experts were dismissed proves that there is absolutely no need for humans to be implanted with hackable cyber interfaces in order to successfully spread mass delusions among the general population, as was the preferred methodology of thought and behavior control in Ghost in the Shell. The Military Industrial Banking (MIB) complex can sufficiently spread propaganda far and wide through their control of narratives on social media interfaces like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, other social media platforms and the mass media. No direct interface is necessary to hack the brains of the general population.

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